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Spartan DEKA at Rising Six

Rising Six Strength & Conditioning is now also a Spartan DEKA affiliate serving the Functional Fitness, Spartan, Endurance, and OCR communities.

DEKA at Rising Six offers indoor decathlon and training programs for ALL levels and genres of fitness.

DEKA is built from functional and rudimentary movements that will 10X your motivation, individual performance, and sense of accomplishment.

DEKA events consist of 10 functional fitness zones (aka DEKA Zones).

DEKA STRONG is our test that includes completing all 10 zones with no running

DEKA MILE is each zone preceded by a 160 meter run

DEKA FIT is each zone preceded by a 500 meter run


  • All levels of fitness

  • Functional fitness enthusiasts (Bootcamp, HIIT, MetCon participants)

  • Fitness professionals (trainers and gym operators)

  • Elite athletes

  • OCR athletes, Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc.

  • Runners and Ultra Endurance Athletes

  • Military, Police, Fire, EMS, First Responders

  • University and High School Sports Players and Teams

DEKA training and events are happening at Rising Six NOW!!



Zone 1 Weighted Alternating Reverse Lunge

    ●  30 Repetitions (15/15)

        ●  Female: 33 lb/Male: 55 lb

Zone 2 Rower

    ● 500 Meters
Zone 3 Box Jump Overs/Step Up

    ● 20 Repetitions: 24” box
Zone 4 Med Ball Sit-Up

    ●  25 Repetitions

        ●  Female: 14 lb/Male: 20 lb 

Zone 5 SkiErg

    ● 500 Meters 

Zone 6 Farmer’s Carry

    ●  100 Meters

        ●  Female: 40 lb each hand and Male: 60 lb each hand 

Zone 7 Assault Bike

    ● 25 Calories
Zone 8 Dead Ball Shoulder Over

    ●  20 Repetitions

        ●  Female: 40 lb/Male: 60 lb 

Zone 9 Tank Push/Pull

    ●  100 Meters (10m down & back x 5)

Zone 10 Weighted Burpee

    ●  20 Repetitions

        ●  Female: 22 lb/Male: 44 lb

DEKA Training at Rising Six

Are you ready to earn your DEKA Mark?
Do you want to have fun completing the 10 DEKA zones?

DEKA Training at Rising Six kicks off on March 22, 2022!!