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Rising Six Strength & Conditioning will help you achieve your life goals through movement and nutrition

Rising Six Mission

Our mission is to provide the safe environment and professional instruction to empower everyday people to Rise Up and become the athlete they are designed to be.  Each person that steps foot in our doors brings with them their own unique skill set. Our job is to show you how to use your body effectively to produce the results you desire and reach your highest level of health and well-being.

Rising Six Commitment

Our coaches have been working together as a team for quite some time.  While we each may have our own unique teaching style, you will find a common language between us.  We strive for continuity in order to provide our members with the very best experience each and every time they train with us.

Rising Six Journey

We understand that embarking on this journey can be intimidating or even scary, but know that you will never be alone.  Our coaches are attentive, committed, and passionate, and at no point will you be without support or guidance. 

New to Functional Training?

You’ve gotten this far, so let’s take the next step! Located in Plum PA, we are just a short drive away from both Murrysville and Monroeville. Come in and check out our facility and meet with our staff for a Free Trial Class. We can talk about your goals, concerns, introduce you to the equipment and training methods we use, discuss your nutrition, and answer any questions you have about your training and goals.


One of the first things you will notice about our Rising Six community of athletes is that they come in all ages and fitness levels. From college athletes to stay-at-home parents, CEO’s to senior citizens, military and first responders alike. All are welcome! And each gets the same workout modified to their own personal ability level.