"A hidden gem in the East Pittsburgh area. The coaches & the owner really care about everyone & their fitness potential. I felt supported every step of the way when I was trying to learn a new skill. This is a great place for the elite & for beginners. They have nice equipment and the gym is always super clean. I love how this gym tries to diversify the programming and do Spartan DEKA training as well..very cool!"    ~ Tiffany K.

"Rising Six has helped me reach my goals in numerous ways. I used to go to Planet Fitness with goals of getting stronger, but I never really saw results and my workouts were boring. With the coaches at Rising Six, I have been able to see results within the short 4 months that I've spent there. Along with the amazing community and teamwork aspect of the organization, I have found a place where I can thrive and enjoy working out again!"   ~ Ashley A.

"Great gym with great coaches. I leave this place feeling better than when I went in 100% of the time. I plan on being a member here for as long as they keep the doors open."   ~ Herb M.


"I have had a great experience at Rising Six! The coaches really care about their members and are dedicating to make sure that they have the tools that they need to pursue their health and fitness goals. The in-house workout programming is excellent and geared towards continues improvement in all aspects of functional fitness. The facility is very clean, the equipment is well care for, and the other members are kind and welcoming."   ~ Jenna G.

"Rising Six has been an amazing experience so far! Before I started, I didn’t know what Functional Fitness was and was nervous to venture outside the typical “go to the gym on my own” ordeal, even though I never did. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know if everyone there would be super fitness fiends and judge me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! It feels like your second family home every time you go to a session! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging of you wherever you are in your fitness journey! I’ve only been coming for 3 months but I already see a huge difference in my health and body!!! 10/10 recommend!"  

~ Chrissy R.

"I have been going to Rising Six now for 4 months and have really enoyed it! The coaching staff has been friendly, professional, and supportive. Great for beginners and seasoned athletes alike! After only a short time there you start to feel part of the family! The programming has been great too! It varies weekly and keeps you on your toes. I can't say enough good things about Rising Six!!"  

~ Mike G.

"I have been with their Rising Six for almost 6 months and my experience has been fantastic. Having no experience with a Functional Fitness approach, the coaches have been more than welcoming and great educators. Do not be intimidated if your not the most “fit”. All the coaches work with you to achieve a healthier life style. Anybody looking for a life style change or healthier choices, I highly recommend Rising Six!!"  

~ Steven S.

"I started with Rising Six after my daughter was born and wanted to find something that would get me back into shape. Little did I know when I started that I would be changing more than my weight. From the excellent staff that is constantly encouraging you to push your limits all while watching out for your safety to the fantastic set of members; every person is beyond motivating. In the last year and a half that I’ve been a member, I have not only lost the weight I set out to lose but have become an athlete that I never thought I’d be. Plus, I’ve gained a confidence in myself that I didn’t realize I was lacking all while making some great friends. I really can’t say enough good about this place. It is like a second home for me! "    ~ Nicole D.

"I have been attending Rising Six for about a month and a half. The coaches and members are all very friendly. One of the best parts of doing the workouts here is that its different everyday; no 30 minutes on the treadmill then lift some weights (most likely with bad form), this gym provides a structure and support to getting in shape. The coaches took me thru a RampUp program that displayed the lifts and other exercises we would be doing in class and they were willing to work at my pace, on my schedule. You don't have to be in Pro Athlete shape to start , you just need to desire to improve yourself and have a support team to get you there. The coaches want to celebrate the benchmarks and milestones you cross during your journey to whatever goals you set. I recommend you come take a class and experience this first hand."     ~ Frank R.

"GREAT atmosphere! The coaches, facility, and members are all top notch, and every 'skill' level is welcomed and accommodated. The workouts are as challenging as you want them to be, and the coaches will push you and help you be the best that you can be or want to be. Can't say enough about this place. Get here!"     ~ Ray E.


"Rising Six is an amazingly supportive environment in which you can challenge yourself no matter what your current fitness level or goals are. They have a very knowledgeable, and friendly group of coaches and a great clientele to match!"     ~ Robin S.


"Without a doubt, deciding to join Rising Six was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The coaches are extremely helpful and the environment is very welcoming and encouraging. Would recommend to anyone looking to better themselves in a challenging, yet positive way!"     ~ Christine T.

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