Rising Six Facility

Our facility consists of a 3,000 sq. ft. space filled with Rogue, Concept2, Assault, and Get RX'd equipment.  We utilize the Zenplanner athlete performance tracking software, which allows our athletes to track their performance history and assist our coaches in customizing the training processes.  Class reservations and performance tracking data are accessible in the Zenplanner app.  ​​

Rising Six Gym - 1
Rising Six Gym - 2
Rising Six Gym - 3
Rising Six Gym - 4
Rising Six Gym - 5
Rising Six Gym - 6
Rising Six Gym - 7
Rising Six Gym - 8
Rising Six Gym - 9

Property of Total Chaos Fitness, LLC

100 Plum Industrial Park
Plum, PA 15239

To Schedule Your First Class

Call 412.660.1815

Email: RisingSixCrossFit@gmail.com

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